The main product of our company is cold drawn seamless steel pipe which comprises line type, fluid type, oil type, casing type, boiler type, structural type, mechanical type, cracking type, automotive type, construction type and so on.

The line pipe and fluid pipe are generally used for conveying water, oil, gas and other kind of fluid in engineering and large equipment. The typical steel grades of the product are 20, Q345, etc.

The steel tubing is the seamless type for oil well. Its manufacturing method is the same as that of seamless product. It can be divided into two kinds with end upsetting type and the normal type. Both two ends of the product have threads for connecting with the coupling. In order to assure the leak-proof property of the joint, the thread is produced with high precision.

The casing pipe has large diameter. Its main usage is to fix the wall or the borehole of oil and natural gas well. It is often inserted into the borehole and fixed with cement to avoid the borehole separating the rock strata and the collapse of borehole. What's more, that can ensure the drilling mud flowing circularly to facilitate the drilling mining. The outside diameter range of the product is often from 114.3 to 508mm.

The seamless tube for low and medium pressure boiler is the high quality hot rolled or cold drawn carbon type. It is particularly used for producing superheated steam pipeline and boiling water tube of low and medium pressure boiler with various kinds of structure. The product can also be used to manufacture superheated steam tube, large and small flue tube and the arc brick tube of locomotive boiler.

The seamless tube for high pressure boiler is the high quality carbon steel, alloy steel and heat resistant stainless steel product. It's especially employed to produce the heat absorbing surface of water tube boiler with high pressure.

The structural pipe is often used in ordinary and mechanical structure to produce pipeline, vessel, equipment, pipe fitting and mechanical structure.

The high pressure seamless pipe for fertilizer equipment is often made of high quality carbon steel and alloy steel. It is fit for the chemical equipment and pipeline with working temperature of -40 to 400 ℃ and working pressure of 10 to 30Mpa to convey the fluid with high temperature and high pressure. The most adopted materials for the product are 20, 16Mn, 12CrMo, 12Cr2Mo, etc.

The petroleum cracking seamless tube can be applied to produce the boiler tube, heat exchanger and pipeline of petroleum refining plant.

The seamless carbon steel pipe for ship is especially used for producing pressure piping system with level I and levelⅡ, boiler and superheater of ship. The working temperature of the wall of the product cannot exceed 450 ℃. But as to the alloy steel type, it can exceed 450 ℃.
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